David Almeida announces millionaire investment in Amazon festivals

O contribution of R $ 1,9 million will be allocated to the Amazon Folkloric Festival, Ciranda Festival of Manacapuru and Fecani.
22/07/2017 12h23 - Updated 24/07/2017 11h52
Photo: Bruno Zanardo/Secom

Gov. David Almeida, He announced on the afternoon of last Friday (21), or contribution of R $ 1,9 million for the completion of the 60th Amazonian Folk Festival, 21No. Festival CIRANDA Manacapuru 32 and Song Festival Itacoatiara (fecans). "The state government back to sponsor, with the help of private enterprise, three major events in the state, understands that the manifestations culture of a people must be preserved, but also because they create the possibility of generating economic activity in the municipalities ", David Almeida highlighted.

Last year Fecani and Amazon Folkloric Festival ceased to be carried out by lack of funds, while the Ciranda of Manacapuru had not the traditional dispute that moves the city, happening just a presentation. The resources announced by the governor will be divided as follows: R$ 800 thousand for the Amazonian Folk Festival; R$ 600 thousand for the Cirandas Festival Manacapuru and R $ 500 to the Song Festival of Itacoatiara (fecans).

"As he did to the Parintins Festival, Coca-Cola will help us sponsoring events. We are committed to sound management of public resources and create opportunities for popular culture in Amazonas State, rescuing our festivals ", said the governor. In addition to the advertised features, David Almeida also said that the State Government will go to support providing the entire infrastructure for the realization of events, the example of the sound and lighting services.

"In fact, this is the recognition of the work that is done by folk groups. During the year, they arrive at this time and have the opportunity to present, to compete and, undoubtedly, we are working with social responsibility by helping these people to continue fostering the practice of folklore and culture ", He stressed the governor.

The announcement took place at the National in the presence of representatives of associations and the State Secretary of Culture, Robério Braga. "The funds transferred by the State Government is the financial support so that the groups can perform at higher Amazonas Folklore Festival which is the Ball Festival Suframa (Amazon Peoples Cultural Center). Without this support, is unfeasible presentation of groups because of the grandeur of the spectacle, where we have to bear, with transport, scenarios, costumes, props, band and the support that is given to groups for the site of the presentation ", said Marco Sahdo, one of the representatives of the Amazon Festival of folk groups.

The Association of Residents Itacoatiarenses in Manaus (Airma) which is responsible for carrying out the Fecani, also celebrated, since last year the event did not happen for lack of funds.

"It is very important the initiative of the Government to all cultural events and the state, mainly, for or Fecani. It is noteworthy that the Fecani is a great event and the resources of the Government and Itacoatiara Prefecture are actually investments because returns through taxes for governments. I think the initiative of Governor David Almeida was very significant and, by God's will, we will make a big event within what is possible ", said Bruno Azevedo, President of Airma.

Representatives of Cirandas Manacapuru Festival celebrated the announcement as, for lack of funds last year, the associations decided to give up the contest and declare the three competitors as winners in a symbolic act.

"This contribution means the rescue of the Festival of Cirandas Manacapuru. We just have to thank Governor David Almeida, because never in the history of our festival, we met with both a governor. So, we just have to be thankful for this support and invite all the audience to honor our festival ", commented Rildo Teles, representative sieve Warriors Mura.

The Ciranda of Manacapuru will be held in the 1st period 3 September this year. Already Fecani happens 6 a 9 September and Amazon Folkloric Festival, What happens in the Amazon Peoples Cultural Center, in the south of Manaus, You do not have exact date to be held.

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