Ex-BBB Emilly pay for surgery fan who spent R $ 1,2 thousand to make her champion

You got to spend more than R $ links 1,2 thousand voting in Rio Grande do Sul.
24/07/2017 15h46 - Updated 24/07/2017 15h47
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The winner of Big Brother Brazil, Emilly Araújo, which received R $ 1.5 million prize saved the lives of your fan, Luciene Santiago, from 47 years paying a weight loss treatment.

You got to spend more than R $ links 1,2 thousand voting in Rio Grande do Sul. Emilly, since when he learned of the deed lady who has no financial conditions, He was keen to help her financially.

Luciene Santiago is resident Jacarepagua, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Recently, the housewife said in an interview with the newspaper Extra that is hypertensive and diabetic, so it receives aid from Emilly to buy their medicines. “Recently suffered an ischemic stroke and was hospitalized for six days in an ICU. I could not afford to buy the medicines, I was between life and death. Emilly was angel to me, she bought all the medicines needed, including pay a treatment for weight loss and a water aerobics”, said housewife, who had to lose about 18,6 Kg as would be in danger of death.

Emilly suffered several media criticism for not having helped Luciene. What everyone does not know is that the gaucho would not comment on the matter, since it helped confidential. Emilly luciene defends tooth and nail the media persecution and other former BBBs.

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