Former Minister Geddel Vieira Lima is already stuck in the Federal Police in Brasilia

According to PF, he tried to obstruct the investigation of alleged irregularities in the release of funds from the Federal Savings Bank.
04/07/2017 11h57 - Updated 4/07/2017 14h48
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Former minister Geddel Vieira Lima is already stuck in the Superintendence of the Federal Police (PF), in Brasilia. He arrived in the early dawn today (4), coming from Salvador. Preventive detention was requested by the PF and the members of the Task Force of Operation Greenfield, from information provided in the money changer testimonies Lucio Bologna Funaro, the entrepreneur Joesley Batista and the legal director of the group J&F, Francis of Assisi and Silva, the latter two in winning collaboration agreement.

Former Minister of Government Secretariat Geddel Vieira Lima was arrested yesterday (3) Federal Police in Salvador for trying, according to PF, obstruct the investigation of alleged irregularities in the release of funds from the Federal Savings Bank.

In January this year, federal police complied search warrants at the home of former minister, Operation target Cui Bono, investigating the alleged corruption scheme in cash in the period 2011 e 2013 - Geddel period in which he held the Vice President of Legal Entities of the institution.

To order the remand of former minister Geddel Vieira Lima, Federal Judge Vallisney de Souza Oliveira, from 10th Vara Federal no Distrito Federal, authorized the search and seizure of the investigated cellular handsets and breaking the phone records of the seized equipment. The goal is to seek elements to prove the contacts of Geddel with the wife of Lucius money changer Funaro, arrested in Operation Lava Jet.

in the decision, the judge says Geddel contacted several times with the wife of Funaro to check placement husband arrested in sign-winning collaboration agreement, which can feature a pressure exercise on Funaro and his family. Second or magistrate, It is not the first time that Geddel tries to persuade people or press them, recalling the episode in which the former Minister of Culture Marcelo Calero Geddel accused of working for the release of the construction of a building in Salvador.

The judge, no evidence to date of the participation of the irregularities Geddel scheme cleared in Operation Cui Bono and, if you stay loose, it can hinder investigations.

"Is that in freedom, Geddel Vieira Lima, the attitudes that has recently taking, You may proceed with attempts to influence witnesses expected to testify at the investigation stage of Operation Cui Bono, as well as against people close to coinvestigados and arrested defendants Eduardo Cunha, Henrique Eduardo Alves and Lucio Bologna Funaro ", says the judge in his decision.


The defense of the former minister Geddel Vieira Lima defined as "absolutely unnecessary" the custody decree political. In a press release, the lawyer Gamil Föppel said there is "no relevant information" to base the decision and defined as "error" of the Federal Court authorization to prison.

Föppel also said that the former minister, from the start of the investigations, It is made available to provide information, but it has never been subpoenaed by the Justice. For the defense, this represents a "policing concern much more focused on the research implications for the mainstream press, effectively than the investigation of all the facts ".

The defense Geddel also says that the businessman Joesley Batista, in his testimony to the Attorney General's Office (PGR) as part of the prize according deletion, It would have been "in energetic score that never paid a bribe" or any undue advantage to Geddel.

“Aware of his innocence and confident in the judiciary haughtiness, Mr. Geddel Vieira Lima follows unwavering in curtailment repair their fundamental freedoms”, the statement said.

Source: Agency Brazil

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