Former president of BB and asked Petrobras R $ 20 million in kickbacks, says Lava Jato

Bendine was arrested early on Thursday (27), in São Paulo on 42 nd phase of Operation.
27/07/2017 09h59 - Updated 27/07/2017 14h07
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The former president of Aldemir Bendineteria Petrobras received at least R $ 3 million bribe in Odebrecht kind not to harm the company in future hiring, according to information of the teams of the Federal Police (PF) and the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) working in Lava Jet.

Bendine was arrested temporarily today (27) in Sao Paulo, the 42nd stage of jet wash, named Operation Cobra. They met two other temporary arrest warrants in Pernambuco.

According to investigations, before receiving R $ 3 millions, in 2015, Bendine asked another R $ 17 million bribe to Odebrecht when he was president of the Bank of Brazil. In exchange, he would act to roll a debt Odebrecht Agroindustrial.


Bendine chaired the Bank of Brazil from April 2009 and February 2015, when Graça Foster replaced as president of Petrobras.

The investigation against Bendine was based on the award-winning denunciations of Marcelo Odebrecht, ex- CEO of Odebrecht Group, and Fernando Reis, company executive.

Understanding that Bendine had no power to influence the scrolling loan, the company decided not to pay the $ 17 millions, but eventually accepted pass, later, R$ 3 million to secure its interests in Petrobras, prosecutors said.

The evidence shows that payments were made in three transfers of R $ 1 million, all in 2015, made by means of fictitious contracts consulting company with an orange, He informed the MPF.

Na nota do MPF, the District Attorney Athayde Ribeiro Costa highlighted the audacity of those involved. "It's amazing to come across evidence that, after Lava Jet already be at an advanced stage, criminals had the audacity to continue stripping Petrobras and Brazilian society ", said.

The Agency Brazil failed to contact the defense Bendine.

Source: Agency Brazil

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