Son of Bolsonaro proposed bill that criminalizes the communism

Proposal of Mr Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSC-SP) It is stopped in the Constitution and Justice Committee of the House.
25/07/2017 16h13 - Updated 26/07/2017 10h15
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A deputy of the bill Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSC-SP) to criminalize or communism. A proposal, presented last year, It aims to change the anti-racism and Anti-Terrorism Laws to punish those who do "apology" of the regime with feathers that can reach up 30 years in prison. The text is stopped at the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) the House since June 2016, no deadline to be enjoyed.

In the project, Representative relates communist and Nazi. "Communism is so nefarious as Nazism and, now we recognized in our legal system the objection to the second, we must also do so for the first ", says justification excerpt.

The author of the proposal is the son of Jair also Deputy Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ), reserve army captain and potential presidential candidate in 2018.

Eduardo also tries to justify, no document, torture crimes committed during the dictatorship. "It is not defense to torture, but this, it occurred, not preceded terrorism. The opposite is true. The Brazilian government had to use its resources to deal with groups that do not admit the existing order and, under this argument, implemented terror in the country. The military, in particular, and other public officials fulfilled their mission with their possible excesses determined and punished as usual is done in the barracks. "

If approved in the plenary of the House, parliamentary project would also include the Communist apology in article, originally, pune a apologia do nazismo na Lei Antiterrorista. By Eduardo text, It would be considered criminal who "manufacture, market, distribute or car symbols, emblems, ornaments, badges or propaganda that use the swastika and swastika, the hammer and sickle or any other means for disclosure purposes favorable to Nazism or communism ".

If the changes suggested in the anti-racism law are approved, the penalty applied to the communist defense can be 2 a 5 years in prison. In the Anti-Terrorism Act, Congressman proposes that political demonstrations, social, union or religious considered terrorist acts are punished with sentences of 12 a 30 years in prison. He also suggests that the apology of the communist regime could occur in "acts preparatory to terrorism", whose penalty is "corresponding to the consummated crime, decreased a quarter to half ".

Eduardo was not found on Monday, 24, to talk about the project.

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