Government of Amazonas delivery 485 tablets to students and teachers in Manaus

David Almeida, He said the delivery of equipment represents a breakthrough in education.
04/07/2017 15h38 - Updated 5/07/2017 15h42
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Students from the State School Full Time (EETI) Professor Lecita Fonseca Ramos, on the Mount of Olives neighborhood, North Zone of Manaus, received 485 tablets for use in educational activities. A group of 19 Teachers also gained the equipment. The ceremony took place on Tuesday (4) in the school indoor court.

The governor of Amazonas, David Almeida (PSD), He said the delivery of equipment represents a breakthrough in education. “Students will have all offline content and access classes 3D to all that is set by the Education Department, therefore, It is an advance in the state of teaching and we want to bring this framework to all schools of this city and the interior so that our students can have a better training”, he said.

Parallel to the delivery of the tablets, the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc) presented Carreta Dental Program, that has been developed since the day 18 of April. nonlocal, trailer professionals make dental care for students.

O program, which began in 18 of April, primarily engaged in performing dental prophylaxis in students from public schools in the state. The trailers have treated 55.876 students 18 schools, since it was launched.

The service is itinerant and performed by two carts, one with eight dental offices and another four.

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