Men involved in cargo theft valued at R $ 3 million are trapped in Manaus

According to police there are still three more people involved who are still being sought
21/07/2017 14h05 - Updated 22/07/2017 12h55
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Two members of a criminal association that was investigated for the theft of a microprocessor load valued at approximately R $ 3 million were arrested on Thursday (20), by police from Specialized in Thefts, Theft and defrauding (DERFD).

As the holder of Derfd, the pair would be a member of a criminal organization specializing in high-value goods theft. The arrests took place in compliance with the preventive arrest warrants for increased theft and criminal organization. Court orders, on behalf of offenders, They were issued on 13 July this year, by Judge Careen Aguiar Fernandes, 7th Criminal Court of Manaus.

Felix explained that "Wil" was arrested by teams of Derfd yesterday afternoon, day 20, around 14:40, when I tried to board a plane that departed from Manaus International Airport – Eduardo Gomes bound for Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Juan spontaneously performed at specialized building yesterday afternoon, after the arrest of the accomplice.

“No dia do crime “Will”, Juan and a third element, identified as Renan Martins de Oliveira, armed with caliber revolvers 38, driving along the edge of a car model Fiat Doblò, blue color and NAM-6000 cards, When they locked the driver of a van, carrying a load 4.356 microprocessors, valued at R $ 3.046.000,00 millions, belonging to a company in the Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM). The incident occurred when the driver semitruck on Avenida Minister Mário Andreazza, in Buriti Village neighborhood, South zone of the capital. We are investigating the involvement of two other people in the case, but we can not do better detail at this time ", said the delegate.

The police official pointed, during the press conference, that the shipment came from China and stolen, after the offense, It was sold for R $ 250 thousand to a company located in Paraguay. Adriano said Felix, still, Juan used the car of his mother in criminal activity and that "Wil" was the mastermind of the crime, having received privileged information from a load carrier employee.

Who can provide data that will help the research team to locate and arrest Derfd Renan de Oliveira, contact by mobile application through the number (92) 99148-5290 or, still, by phone (92)99962-2183 e 99962-2187. Felix noted that deletions can also be made to the number 181, the hot line of the State Secretariat of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM). "We assure the confidentiality of the identity of informants", He assured the delegate.

Widemar and Juan Ricardo have been charged with theft and increased criminal organization. At the end of procedures applicable in Derfd, the duo will be taken to the Detention Center Provisional Male (CDPM), which will be available to the Justice.

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