Jair Bolsonaro states that probably will dispute the Presidency by the PEN

Parliamentary studies the party name change and said that in a few days to seal the marriage.
31/07/2017 12h10 - Updated 31/07/2017 17h04
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Congressman Jair Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ), likely candidate for president in 2018, He said it is 99% agreed with the National Ecological Party (PEN). membership, according to him, It should be announced soon. “It is an engagement score 10. We're, inclusive, studying changing the party name. In a few days we seal this marriage”, said Bolsonaro.

The deputy did not say what the name of the legend, but looking for something as beloved Motherland, Patriots and even Prona (party which was chaired by cardiologist Enéas Carneiro). While talk in “99% certainly”, we must remember that, later this month, Bolsonaro ever been “almost married” with the CSDP, party of Jose Maria Eymael, and the still forming 'Changes Brazil'. Has said Bolsonaro “looking for a party that is not curled with corruption”. The state sought the president of PEN, Adilson Barroso, but not located.

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