Judge keeps custody of former minister Geddel Vieira

He has been detained since last Monday (3).
06/07/2017 12h18 - Updated 6/07/2017 12h18
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The federal judge Vallisney de Souza Oliveira dismissed the application for revocation of the provisional arrest of the former minister of Lula and Temer, Geddel Vieira Lima, arrested since last Monday (3). The judge also ruled that the Federal Police (PF) hear the testimony of the money changer's wife Lucius Bologna Funaro and pericie mobile devices Raquel Pitta within three days from the notification.

Claiming there is no evidence that Geddel contacted the Funaro's wife to probe the money changer's state of mind to close a whistleblower award agreement, the defense Geddel asked that the probation was converted into any other precautionary measure.

For the federal judge, However, preventive penalty serves the maintenance of public order assumption. The magistrate recalled that the Geddel himself admitted have called the woman Funaro – what, to give evidence to Justice, He said that links the former minister would have embarrassed his wife and family.

The defense questioned the fact that the prison has been ordered without Rachel was heard and telephones and conversations whatsapp periciadas. It argued that maintaining the preventive is an injustice, because Geddel remain stuck longer at risk of, after three days, PF states that it has been able working conditions and comply with the new determinations of Justice.

Before the defense appeals, the judge said he did not have elements to affirm that there is no evidence of crime and that Geddel prison is not justified.

Source: Agency Brazil

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