Justice gives 30 days to stop Apple 'false advertising’ no Brasil

Sentence says the company announces raw memory as if it were available for storage.
11/07/2017 11h58 - Updated 11/07/2017 11h58
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Apple has been ordered by the courts of São Paulo to stop, within 30 days, any advertising that falsely inform the storage capacity of its products.

O problem, pointed out in the lawsuit filed by Protest, is that devices like iPhone and iPad does not clearly reveal how much space guarantee for practical use, since most of the announced gigabytes is reserved for the operating system.

in the sentence, passed on Tuesday, 11, by Folha de S. Paulo, Judge Felipe Miranda Poyares, the 16th Civil Court of SP, It claims that Apple must make reservations in these situations.

When the raw memory is of 16 GB, for example, It is required that there is only 13 GB “usable memory”. The logic follows for 32 GB (with plenty of 29 GB), 64 GB (61 GB) e 128 GB (125 GB).

If you do not make the change in their advertising, Apple is subject to daily fines of R $ 100 one thousand, but the company can appeal the decision.

In his defense, Apple said there's no telling how much space will be used by the operating system, so that this form of advertising is the industry standard. Besides that, underscores the company, his site explains in detail how the gigabytes of devices are used.

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