More of 7 thousand electronic voting machines are being distributed in the Amazon

no day 26 July begins preparing 3.473 ballot boxes to the capital of Amazonas.
17/07/2017 11h34 - Updated 17/07/2017 15h31
Photo: Press Release / TRE-AM

The TRE-AM concluded on Saturday (15), sending another wave of electronic voting machines that were in the court filing.

Transportation to the most distant cities began on 7 July. Due to logistical difficulties, Lábrea and São Gabriel da Cachoeira were the first precincts covered with receiving the ballot box.

no day 11 Of this month, They left polls to the pole and Maués, from there, were distributed to the city of Boa Vista do Ramos. Day 10, polls and various materials were also intended for polo Tefé, that distributed to Japurá, Maraã, Alvarães, Uarini and Coari, being that, the latter allocated part of that received to the Electoral Zone Codajás. no day 12 It came the Eirunepe municipality receiving the polls.

According to the Coordinator of the Committee on Logistics Electronic Urns, Osmarino Rodrigues, Saturday closes a cycle, it was sent, by land, various equipment for the municipalities of the metropolitan region of the capital:

"Today [13] We started shipping the latest polls into the Amazon, comprising the municipalities of Manacapuru, Itacoatiara, Rio Preto da Eva and Presidente Figueiredo, totalizing 849 polls. After this phase the preparation of the polls will be held with the generation of media, loads and seals for, later, target it to the municipalities that make up the pole ".


no day 26 July begins preparing 3.473 ballot boxes to the capital of Amazonas. The closure will give up on 3 August and the whole procedure will be held at the court filing.

Once prepared, the polls will be forwarded to the polling stations on 04 of August, following a schedule established by court. In having a runoff, the polls will proceed to the polling stations on 24 of August, remaining there until the end of elections.


After the elections, for a certain period and called Quarantine, the Electoral Court preserves sealed ballot boxes and the media used in elections. During quarantine, or political party, OAB and prosecutors, may request verification of digital signatures, hashes of the directory structure and all files and programs stored on electronic voting machines. After this phase, start up cyclic tests - every three months – until the next election.

Source: TRE-AM

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