Mouhamad Moustafa says it can not afford to pay bail of R $ 468 one thousand

According to the defense the bail amount is too high and the doctor-manager assets are blocked in court.
21/07/2017 14h59 - Updated 22/07/2017 12h54
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The doctor and businessman Mouhamad Moustafa, main defendant of the process of "Evil Ways" and accused of heading a scheme that diverted more than R $ 100 million Health in the Amazon, and also the lawyer Priscila Marcolino, other defendant in the process managed to habeas corpus under one condition: the bail payment 500 minimum wages, or equivalent to R $ 468.500, por Mouhamad, e 300 minimum wages, or R $ 281.100, no case of Priscila.

however, according to the defense of the two defendants, the values ​​are too high and their families do not have enough money to pay them.

The assets of both the medical and businessman as the lawyer are locked in court. The items of equity Mouhamad "would cover" easily the bail amount, as imported cars, jet plane, helicopters and luxury properties, all of high standard.

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