Pirates attack Petrobras refinery in Manaus and steal fuel

One of the targets of the attacks is the Reman. The robberies occur, mainly, during the flood season, when the high level of the rivers makes it easy for bad guys to the refinery.
26/07/2017 12h02 - Updated 26/07/2017 12h02
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A "treasure hunt" pirates for fuel in the Amazon reached refineries and distribution terminals Petrobras and other companies operating in the region. The modus operandi of these attacks is the same as robbing vessels in rivers: pirates use small and fast boats to reach the site and, with heavy weapons, yield the vigilantes. In sequence, comes a bigger boat where it is transported fuel and stolen equipment.

One of the targets of the attacks is the Petrobras refinery in Manaus (Reman), unit producing gasoline and diesel fueling Amazon Region. "O scheme (two pirates) it is advanced. There is direct theft in the Manaus Refinery ", revealed a source close to the state security of the Amazon.

The robberies occur, mainly, during the flood season, when the high level of the rivers makes it easy for bad guys to the refinery. They make a connection with one inch hoses to pump fuel from the pipeline directly to the tanks of vessels used for theft, which always occurs at dawn, in a dimly lit area, according to the Union of the State of Amazonas Tankers.

"The danger exists and is imminent. We have already made a number of complaints, being investigated by the direction of the refinery ", says Roberto Pinheiro, Sindipetro-AM director. "This is a few 20 years, but it has intensified in recent years. Recently, there were two or three successive occurrences. "

In Manaus, Pirates are also attacking the Port Meeting of the Waters, which has been stolen from rope, pipes, geology material to expensive equipment drilling and exploration, as stone diamond.

Another critical point is the waterway terminal of TNL, used to drain the oil and gas produced in the region urucú Petrobra. Pinheiro reports of gunfire exchange complaints two months ago between vigilant and pirates, plus fuel, also rob unit electrical equipment. "This is already trafficking route, broken pirates. We are close to Colombia and Venezuela. If you do not have enough people to monitor, banditry is rife ", says Lourival Júnior, Director Secretary Sindipetro PA, AM, MA and AP and director of the National Federation of Oil Workers (FNP).


As the state published, the Solimões River stretch between the cities of Coari and Tefé, not Amazonas, It is dominated by pirates and is the most violent among the rivers of the Amazon, because of drug shipments coming from Colombia and Peru.

The PNF said to have reported the problems to Petrobras at the negotiating table and blames pirate attacks to the drastic reduction in the number of state employees from 2014, particularly in operations of the measurement terminal and fuel tanks.

The National Union of Distributors of Fuels and Lubricants estimated that more than 10 billion liters of fuel were stolen in the Amazon 2016, and the highest volume occurred in transfers from the ferry. In the first quarter of this year, were 2,4 billion. Stealing pirates in the Amazon cause losses of about R $ 100 million per year in goods, according to the National Federation of Waterway Shipping Companies (Fenavega).

Sought by State, Petrobras did not comment. A source close to the company, However, He confirmed an attempted robbery at Reman.

According to the source close to the security of the Amazon, There are also reports of pirate attacks in the holding area of ​​the Russian oil company Rosneft. Through advice, Rosneft denied the occurrence of crimes.

Barbacena turned the 'land of the pirates’

The city of Barcarena, no stop, It is known as "land of the pirates". Located near the Strait of Brief, river channel access to Archipelago Marajó, no stop, the city is considered the center of the pirates, it is there that the bad guys come together to make the incursions. Most occurrences is fuel theft. The problem in the region is so severe that it has already caused power outages in some cities, where the power generation is carried out by means of thermal.

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