Unanimously, EC condemns the accounts of former Mayor Angelus Figueira

The assessment of the former mayor bills was held on the morning of Tuesday (11).
11/07/2017 18h22 - Updated 12/07/2017 12h05
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The full Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) reproved, unanimously, the accounts of former local mayor, Angelus Figueira, for the year 2012. The assessment of the former mayor bills was held on the morning of Tuesday (11), during the 23rd ordinary session of the full. Angelus Figueira - which will have to return to public coffers almost R $ 30 million - as well as other managers who had disapproved the accounts can still appeal the decision.

As the vote of the rapporteur, auditor Mario Filho, They were identified 274 irregularities in the former mayor accounts, between them, absence of bidding documents and other improprieties relating to four municipal schools renovations and expansions in the city of Manacapuru, construction of bridges and Gilberto stage Mestrinho, drainage services and car rental, among other services executed in partnership with private companies spending unproven, that generated damage to public coffers, plus multiple purchases without bidding.

Accepted unanimously among the directors of full, the vote of the rapporteur found that the former mayor Angelus Figueira return to public coffers R $ 29,9 millions, from fines, glosses and scope. In addition to the former mayor, They were fined even accountability Marimei Gomes de Vasconcelos, Municipal Secretary of Finance, that will have to return R $ 8,7 billion to the Treasury, due to failure of an accounting, and companies Fabia Santa Rita Construction Ltd., B.V. Building Material and Construction Company Ltd., Contractor S. J Ltda., and Eder Restoration and Construction Real Estate Ltda., who will have to return, individually, R$ 21,9 billion to the public coffers by damage to the treasury.

At the request of the Attorney General of Auditors prosecutors, Carlos Alberto Almeida, all providing Angelus accounts with report, opinion and vote, It should be referred to the State of Amazonas prosecutor to investigate possible crimes of dishonesty.

more reproaches
Also during the session, They were deemed irregular, unanimously, providing director of accounts of the Autonomous Water and Sewer Service of Itacoatiara, Emilio Andrade Resk, for the financial year 2015. Among the irregularities are undue reductions of amounts recorded in the balance sheet of the organ, delays in the forwarding of accounting transactions to the system e-Accounts and the improper appointment to commissioned positions, generating accumulation of public offices, among others. Due to irregularities and following determination of the reporting, counselor Yara Lins dos Santos, Emilio Andrade Resk, will have to return to public coffers R $ 898,7 one thousand, between fines and scope.

The provision of covenant accounts 03/2004, signed between the Secretary of State for Rural Production (Sepror) and the Municipality of Apuí, the responsibility of the former mayor Antonio Roque Longo, It was also frowned upon by the full Court. Antonio Roque Longo will have to return R $ 367,3 one thousand, between fines and scope and glosses, due to failure to submit documents to prove bank data regarding opening of accounts to the agreement validity period, in addition to the poor performance of the services developed in the project, observed after technical inspections.

They were also disapproved the accounts of 2014 the mayor of Alvarães, Mario Thomas Litaiff, that will have to return to the treasury R $ 1,2 million, from fines, glosses and scope regarding irregularities such as non-compliance with regulatory deadlines for delivery of accounting documents to TEC, lack of proof and transparency in control of the city vehicle use and various violations of articles of the Bidding Law and Administrative Contracts.

Regular with caveats
Five benefits of partnership accounts between the City of Apuí and the State Department of Education (Seduc), the responsibility of the former mayor Antonio Roque Longo, They were approved with reservations, recommendations unanimously and without fines.
regulars were judged with reservations and without fines, also, the benefits of partnership accounts of the former mayor of Apuí, Antonio Roque Longo, signed with the State Department of Education (Seduc).

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