Tucurui in Para mayor shot dead

At the time of the crime, Jones William visited resurfacing works of the airport access road. It was around 16h when two men on a motorbike passed the place and shot at him.
26/07/2017 11h35 - Updated 27/07/2017 11h37
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Teams from the Homicide Division of the Civil Police and Special Missions Command (COE) Military Police of Bethlehem were sent to Tucuruí, in southeast Pará, to strengthen security and to act in the searches to the authors of the mayor William Jones da Silva Galvão murder, from 42 years. The body of the municipal manager is being veiled in the city gymnasium and burial will be held on Thursday (27) in the city.

According to the police, in the crime when the mayor visited resurfacing works of the airport access road, in an area known as Occupation Cristo Vive. It was around 16h when two men on a motorbike passed the place and fired the mayor.

According to reports received by the delegate Sandro Rivelino, holder of the Superintendent of the Civil Police of Tucuruí, were several shots caliber pistol point 40. The victim also came to be bailed out and taken to the Regional Hospital of Tucuruí, but he did not resist and died. A city official, I was next to Jones William was hit by one of the shots grazed, but he has received care at the hospital and is doing well.

Crime scared the population of Tucuruí. Thousands of residents went to the multi-sport gymnasium bid farewell to the mayor.

"All of us who worked with him were in shock and so far the plug or declined even to tell the truth. A very great tragedy that happened ", said the civil servant Dágila Taumaturgo.


The capital's police arrived yesterday to Tucuruí. Investigations will be conducted by a team of police officers from the Homicide Division of Bethlehem, coordinated by the delegate Eduardo Rollo. The staff of the Civil Police of the Regional Superintendent of Tucuruí Lake also participates in investigations.

The Military Police, through the Special Missions Command (CME), already with military police in support of the municipality trims to strengthen policing in the city and support the investigative work.

The State Prosecutor's Office said it had contacted the Federal Police to establish a partnership in crime investigations to determine. Jones William was investigated by the MP for corruption. Prosecutors, he was suspected of direct procurement to favor local entrepreneurs. The process proceeding through confidential.

Profile mayor

Jones William was born in Italva, in Rio de Janeiro. He was a nurse and had 42 years. William was elected mayor in 2016 with 31.268 votes, that represent 53,50% of the valid votes. Before assuming office in the executive he had served as a councilor in the Town Hall in 2008, and competed for the post of mayor in the city 2012, when he was not elected.

other cases

This is the third mayor murder in southeast Pará region since 2016. no day 16 the maio Diego Kolling (PSD), Mayor of Breu Branco, which is 38 km from Tucuruí, He was killed while riding his bike in the company of friends on a stretch of PA-263 highway, connecting the Goianésia Para Tucuruı.

According to the police, the investigation into the death of the mayor Diego Kolling are underway and are coordinated by the Division of Homicides.

In January 2016 the mayor of Goianésia do Pará, João Gomes da Silva (PR), or "Russian", He was shot dead while inside a funeral in the city center, which is 98 km from Tucuruí. He had 62 years and held the post since 2013.

According to police, the death of the mayor would have been commissioned by Councilman José Ernesto da Silva, Ze Ernesto, who was the mastermind of the crime for political reasons: he planned to run for municipal office, but João Gomes was quoted for re-election.

Other suspected of having participated in the death St. Benedict Campelo Peres and his son, Kleberson Deibe Campelo, that would be the executors. The intermediary in the hiring of performers would be known as Chicao.

Of the four suspects are arrested Benedito Campelo. Kleberson and Chicao are fugitives, and Ze Ernesto was murdered in February 2016 by two men - identified as Murilo and Nego Bala - who were also arrested.

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