First election debate on TV happening today in Band

The debate starts at 21.10 and will participate candidates: Amazonino Mendes, Eduardo Braga, Jose Ricardo, Liliane Araújo, Luiz Castro, Marcelo Serafim, Rebecca Garcia and Wilker Barreto.
17/07/2017 09h53 - Updated 17/07/2017 15h32
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The first election debate on TV will air at 21.10 on Monday (17), by TV Band Manaus. It is the first clash of ideas between the candidates to the Government of Amazonas in by-election 2017.

According to the news program editor in chief Band City Band and Amazonas debate coordinator, Cavalcante Neto, “the biggest challenge is to provide a format that will welcome the 8 (eight) Candidates eligible for the Debate, and that is attractive to voters”, he said.

The program will be divided into three blocks, with estimated time of two hours duration and mediated by journalist Band in São Paulo, Otavio Junior Ceschi, presenter of recent discussions by Band Amazon.

In the first block, By order of previous draw, candidates wonder with time 30 seconds, 2 minutes to answer, 1 minute to reply and 1 the rejoinder. The second line follows the same first, only that each answer a question with free theme drawn and developed by the production of Amazonas Band. The third block and the last block, will again have questions among the candidates.

If one of the candidates invited did not attend the debate of the Band Amazon, opens fourth block for final considerations.

The debate of the Band Amazon will take place eight candidates. Attending the meeting Amazonino Mendes (PDT), Eduardo Braga (PMDB), Jose Ricardo (PT), Liliane Araújo (PPS), Luiz Castro (NETWORK), Marcelo Serafim (PSB), Rebecca Garcia (PP) and Wilker Barreto (PHS).

Jardel Nogueira candidate (PPL) not participate in the program, it has no more than 9 representatives in Congress, as resolution of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE). To provide a dissemination space of his government plan, Jardel Nogueira participated in an interview on the news of the Band Amazon, Band City.

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