Veja magazine highlights opening of museums in Manaus in full economic scenario

The boom of inaugurations, in full economic scenario in the country was the subject matter "against the crisis, museums ", magazine.
24/07/2017 14h45 - Updated 25/07/2017 17h09
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The next five years, twelve cultural centers and museums will be opened in Brazil, between them, two in Manaus: the City Museum, that work in the historic building of the Palace of Freedom; and the Olympic Museum, in the Amazon Arena, made up of parts of the president of the South American Athletics Confederation collection (Consudatle), Roberto Gesta.

The boom of inaugurations, in full economic scenario in the country was the subject matter "against the crisis, museums ", the magazine Veja this Sunday, 23/7. it, five states - São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Piauí, Goiás and Amazonas - have their projects cited as models of new concepts of museums, the so-called "identity museums", that dialogue with the technology on theme-specific cultural aspects, such as the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro, and Portuguese, in Sao Paulo.

"The City Museum, In Manaus, It aims to explain the emergence of Amazon capital from the various migration flows ", cites the report. It is the permanent exhibition "Manaus: History, People and Culture ", that will work both historical aspects, as the evolutionary process of building the city of Manaus, focused, about everything, the inclusion of people in the construction of this city model.

The idea is to tell, on a timeline, as the city was created from an intense migratory flow and how it was forged from the symbolic ideal of the natives in interaction with immigrants formed what today is acity of Manaus.

The curator of this exhibition is Marcello Dantas, who also signs the project of the Museum of the Portuguese Language. Speaking to See, it analyzes the current movement of museums as achievements from events "that take place orally, visual or tactile ".

“(Identity museums) do not expose anything collectible, but immaterial culture, often linked to the identity of a people or a group. It is a kind of museum able to look at the culture alive and show it to people ", Explain.

Dantas, which has just been chosen as the La Guardia Airport art curator, in New York, explains that more than 1 thousand museums were created in China in recent 20 years. "There was no dictatorship, cultural revolution, fifty years of ostracism and economic revival. The now museums are a way for the Chinese to see how it really is after changes. This also happens in countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Mexico ", says the magazine.

Dantas is representative of the company Recorder, who won the bidding geared for companies interested in creating the museological and museum project, with technology resources, raising funds for implementation through the Rouanet Law. The end result of the Notice of Public Call No. 005/2016 It was published in 4036 Official Gazette of the Municipality Day 3 from January.

currently, the project is in the fundraising stage by the responsible company. From the beginning of the City Museum installation, it is expected to be take six months to complete the installation work.

In order to help defray maintenance Museum, there will be the installation of box office, at popular prices, whose values ​​will be subsequently studied. They will go to the Museum of the Maintenance Fund.

About the Palace of Liberty
erected in 1872 as a way to mark the territorial power of the Empire in the North, the Palace of Liberty, located in Manaus Historic Center, account not only the city's history, but guard their expertise foundations that are still studied by students and teachers of architecture.

Designed to support the water system, the historic building, neoclassical profile, It is situated opposite the Praça Dom Pedro II, in a region where they were found, officially, approximately 300 archaeological pieces cataloged. To get an idea of ​​the historical value of space, the first recorded collection was found just 3 feet deep.

The right foot, angulation of the details, the frontispiece refer to the period beginning in the mid-seventeenth century and lasted until the mid-nineteenth century, known as Neo-classical, brought up based on the ideal Enlightenment, seeking balance, sobriety and simplification of the excesses of the previous period, or Baroque. It was the great hall of the Palace of Freedom, Today former mayors room, the then governor of Amazonas, Eduardo Ribeiro, He signed the contract with the company that would be responsible for the construction of the Teatro Amazonas.

Details such as the Acapulco woods and Pau-yellow, still original, They are present in the main rooms; paintings in barreamento and footer that resemble marble, made by Italian artists, They can also be checked on site, as well as forward windows showing the color original details, technical and design used by architects and artists of the time.

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