Journal Times shows evidence of JBS that compromise Braga

Braga appears in the list of senators PMDB who had sold their support to PT. Only he would have received R $ 6 million in kickbacks.
29/07/2017 13h26 - Updated 31/07/2017 14h04
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Senator and candidate for the government of Amazonas, Eduardo Braga (PMDB), It is increasingly seeing the siege close to him. A TIME magazine It brings in its cover story this week evidence of JBS company that expose the systematic purchase of hundreds of Brazilian politicians including the chief of Amazonas.

Braga appears in the list of senators of the PMDB that had sold their support to the Workers' Party (PT) and its candidate, Dilma Rousseff, in election 2014. The report states that the kickback scheme and JBS corruption in Brazil is even greater than the Odebrecht construction company.

"JBS bought systematically politicians of all parties. There was no ideological criteria; the value of the policy was proportional to its ability to provide benefits to the company ", says matter.

Second Magazine, What's different now is that the Attorney General's Office (PGR) It has on hand a rich collection with evidence and details that were collected in the investigation after tipoff JBS.

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