Semsa open selection process for hiring 200 professionals

The working day will be 44 week hours, Monday to Friday and compensation of R $ 937.
21/07/2017 15h12 - Updated 21/07/2017 15h12
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The Municipal Health (Sems) open from 0h next Monday, 24/7, process for selecting 200 professionals who will work in rabies vaccination municipality. The campaign will be carried out in the urban area 2/10 a 22/11.

Vaccinators need to have as a requirement the complete elementary school to participate in the process. The selected will have transportation allowance, food assistance and family income. The working day will be 44 week hours, Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 11:30 am and from 13:30 to 17:30 and, on Saturdays, from 7:30 am to 11:30 am.

"For the temporary role, selected will pay R $ 937, with indemnity portion unhealthy with moderate risk 5%, resulting from aggressive biological agent. Among the professional assignments are the transport of vaccines, the application of vaccine doses, subcutaneous, in dogs and cats and filling the Vaccine Certificate ", said the municipal secretary of health, Marcelo Magaldi.

For applications will not be charged fee. The applicant must perform the procedure on the Internet in the Semsa page, accessing the Internet address http:/, from 0h, the next day 24/7. The registration period runs until 28/7, Friday, 11am.

According to the Director of Labor Management and Education Semsa, Mircleide Santana, You need to fill the registration form stating comply with the requirements for public notice.

"After completing the registration form via internet, the applicant must print the registration voucher and hand it in place for the execution of the process ", He indicated the director.

The document delivery site is on the street Maceio, 2000, Adrianople, the Magisterium of the Professional Development Division (in front of Semsa). It is necessary that the lightweight contender copies and unique Identity Card, CPF, Certificate of Primary Education Full, proof of experience in the position (when), proof of address (Water, electricity or telephone) and updated resume. These documents must be delivered on time between 9 am and 12 pm.

Proof of experience
They will be accepted as documents for proof of experience, professional titles and scores, declaration of public agency or certificate of time of competent public agency or contractor service proving experience in rabies vaccination of dogs and cats, issued by the human resources department or personnel management.

will be accepted, still, work permit and social security containing the respective employment contract record with the company that proves experience in rabies vaccination of dogs and cats.

"Every document presented to professional experience of proof shall contain the date of the start and end in the work carried contract. If the applicant submits more than one proof of experience, coincide with periods, It will be considered only one of the documents ", finished Secretary.

The simplified selection process will consider the experience will be worth, no maximum, 140 points and participation in each campaign will be worth 20 points.

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