Sérgio Cabral received R $ 122,8 million bus companies, says Attorney

tuition payments were made in those conducted by the contractors in order to ensure rates and contracts with the Rio state government.
03/07/2017 11h11 - Updated 3/07/2017 18h32
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Investigations of the Federal Public Ministry that led to the outbreak of Operation Full Stop, in this Monday, 3, Federal Police, revealed that the former governor of Rio Sergio Cabral (PMDB) received R $ 122,8 million in bribes from bus companies between the years 2010 from 2016 - he left office, in favor of his deputy, Luiz Fernando Pezão (PMDB), in 2014.

The scheme would reach more than R $ 260 million paid to politicians and public officials. Three people were arrested between yesterday and today: the businessman Jacob Barata, considered "the coach King River", President of the Federation of Transport Companies, Lélis Teixeira, and former chair of the Department of Road Transport, which oversees the sector, Rogério Onofre. According to the MPF, "Payments of kickbacks were made in those conducted by contractors, only this time in the public transport sector in order to ensure rates and contracts with the State Government of Rio ".

Rogério Onofre, as chairman of Detro, received R $ 44 mihões in fees paid by the bus companies, says the MPF. The figures were collected in bus companies. “Para o MPF, the corruption scheme is organized from four basic core: economic core, formed by executives of companies organized in cartel; or administrative core, composed of public officials of the state government, which requested / received fees; operating core whose main function was to promote the diverted money laundering; political core, integrated by the organization's leader Sergio Cabral ", says MPF Note. Operation Full Stop stems from the investigation of Calicut and Efficiency Operations.

The PF was based on winning the money changer denunciations Álvaro Novis and former President of the Court of Rio Jonas Lopes, targets of previous operations of the PF. The operation was a partnership between the Federal Police and the Federal Prosecutor. Eighty agents are participating. According to the Federal Police, They were issued by the 7th Federal Criminal Court of Rio nine preventive arrest warrants, three temporary prison and 30 search and seizure warrants.

Roach was arrested at the international airport Tom Jobim, about to embark for Lisbon. He issued a statement, through its press office, stating you have business in the city, and I was going there regularly. The PF was already his arrest in the crosshairs, and he anticipated when he learned of the trip.

The Fetranspor meets 10 bus companies trade unions operating in the State. The Detro is responsible for the supervision of intercity transportation in the state

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