Suspect stabbing his son of 1 month is stuck in the east

The baby succumbed to his injuries and eventually died.
15/07/2017 11h58 - Updated 17/07/2017 10h53
Photo: disclosure

Tavares Aldriano Gomes, from 24 years, He was arrested suspected of killing his son, a baby 1 month, at night this Friday (14). The case was heard by the 9th Company Interactive Community (IDPF) and forwarded to Police Protection in Specialized To Children and Adolescents (depc).

According to police, a woman 29 years was with the baby in her arms at his residence, located in the neighborhood San Jose, East Zone of Manaus, when the ex-husband Adriano arrived at the scene at around 12pm. Suspect slept in the house until about 18h, but woke violent.

Even as the police, after an argument with his ex-wife, the man would have given stabs against the homemaker and child. The baby succumbed to his injuries and eventually died.

at the police station, the suspect said the child died accidentally. He even said that he tried to kill the child's mother, for she was very “gaiata” and lived sending him away.

“He's a monster. He killed an innocent child and left my daughter in shock”, this is the story of the baby's grandmother. Still very upset with crime, grandmother who declined to be identified, He said that Aldriano are drug users and did not agree with the end of the relationship with her daughter, Aline Ferreira Pinheiro, 29.

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