Fearing says that people understand increase of fuel tax that can reset bus ticket in Manaus

The rate will rise from R $ 0,3816 to R $ 0,7925 for a liter of gasoline and R $ 0,2480 to R $ 0,4615 for diesel refinery.
21/07/2017 15h21 - Updated 21/07/2017 15h25
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Or President Michel Temer, when talking about the increase in rates of Social Integration Program (PIS) and Contribution to Social Security Financing (Cofins) on gasoline, diesel and ethanol, determined tax to compensate for the difficulties, He said the population understand the measure.

"People will understand why this is a government that does not mind, do not give false data. It is a real government, So, when you have to maintain the criterion of fiscal responsibility, maintaining the goal, determining for growth, you have to clearly tell what's going on. The people understand ", he said.

Fearing talked about the increase to arrive last night in Mendoza, in Argentine, to attend the Mercosur Summit. He also pointed out that the adjustment is to maintain, first of all, the established fiscal target, e, in second place, to ensure economic growth.

"This tax liability is that imported this small increase in PIS / Cofins. Just to keep, first of all, the fiscal target that we established. In second place, to ensure economic growth that gradually is coming. You are realizing that, slowly, growth has been revealing. So, it was necessary to establish the increase of the tax to keep these assumptions I just indicate ", said the president.

The decree determining the increase is published in this Friday's Official Gazette. The rate will rise from R $ 0,3816 to R $ 0,7925 for a liter of gasoline and R $ 0,2480 to R $ 0,4615 for diesel refinery. For a liter of ethanol, the rate will increase from R $ 0,12 to R $ 0,1309 for producer. Or dealer for, the rate, currently reset, increase to R $ 0,1964.

The government also contingenciará [will block] additional $ 5,9 billion non-compulsory expenditure Budget. The new cuts will be detailed today (21), when the Ministry of Planning disclose the Bimonthly Report of Revenues and Expenses.

Published every two months, the document contains forecasts on the economy and the budget program of the year. The new rate will impact the price of fuel in refineries, but the eventual transfer of the increase to the consumer will depend on each gas station.

Aécio Amado – Agency Brazil

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