Tirulipa says in an interview that will sue the father for causing the family “illicit impoverishment”

The comedian said his father is getting poorer since entering politics.
03/07/2017 17h39 - Updated 3/07/2017 19h15
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In an interview this week at a radio, the humorist Everson de Brito Silva known as Tirulipa, He went on to say that his father would process one of the most known of the country clowns, Tiririca, who is now a federal deputy.

Then, he told one of the alleged secrets of Tiririca, revealing that the father caused the family “illicit impoverishment”. Besides that, The boy claims that had little father's care and all the love that had as a child came from his mother. He began to imitate the father yet. Still with 10 years, It was about the circuses performing as the 'Tiririca Junior'.

Tirulipa said in the radio interview that the father is getting poorer since entering politics. It reveals that since the comedian entered the Chamber of Deputies, He had to move away from the stage and, because of that, It is having what he called “illicit impoverishment”. Therefore, or comedian, who has performed alongside Youtuber Whindersson Nunes, He said he would have to sue the father. “He is the only politician I know who became poorer after they came to politics. But at least my father did not're Odebrecht list”.

Then, Tirulipa told what would be his father's salary. He warns that the gross salary exceeds R $ 33 one thousand, but he would be under US $ 20 one thousand. The son ensures that in just a good show he would win more than that and that is the political ideology and not by money.

Below is the video that shows Tirulipa making statements about his father:

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