AFEAM becomes financial agent of Finep and goes to fund innovative companies

Measure enables AFEAM to finance up to R $ 500 thousand per project companies that invest in developing new products and / or services.
31/08/2017 11h06 - Updated 31/08/2017 11h06
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The State of Amazonas Development Agency S.A.. (Afeam) It is adding to its portfolio credit line specifically aimed at innovation projects, and INOVACRED. The measure is made possible by the accreditation of the institution with the Financier of Studies and Projects (finep), under the Ministry of Science, Technology and inovation, which enables the fund to $ AFEAM 500 thousand per project companies that invest in developing new products and / or services.

The Accreditation Agreement between the two entities was signed on Wednesday, day 30, Camargo between Marcelo, Department of Decentralized Programs Finep, and the CEO of AFEAM, Alex Del Giglio, in a ceremony at the headquarters AFEAM. The Development Agency becomes the official financial agent Finep in the Amazon, 19 of the federal institution in the country, whose mission is to stimulate the development of science, technology and inovation.

Accreditation of AFEAM broadens capacity of Amazonas Government Development Agency, meeting from now the public looking for the institution to finance innovation projects. The new source of funds, that will come from Inovacred Finep Program, It adds to the budget of the institution for this year, R $ 107 millions, of which R $ 66 million is for the microcredit.

The CEO of AFEAM highlights that product development projects will be supported (goods and / or services) or innovative processes that incorporate new technologies, which have applications in industries such as, for example: agribusiness, electronics, information Technology, bioeconomia, new materials, biotechnology, energy, logistics and tourism, food technology and environment.

"These are areas explored by our industrial center or have great potential for development. This is the case of the environment, which can open up new markets in food production, as fish or, and biotechnology, with the potential to generate new inputs to be used by the Industrial Pole of Manaus own (PIM)”, exemplifica Alex Del Giglio.

The representative of the Finep highlights that the partnership implemented on Wednesday is the result of a year of negotiations and which now becomes reality. "It is very important for us to have a partner like AFEAM, as the very Fapeam in a potential state with so great for innovation ", said Marcelo Camargo. The president of Fapeam, René Levy, the accreditation of AFEAM extends Amazonas government's efforts to support innovation. "This is a dream come true that will bring benefits to the development of the Amazon".

On or Inovacred
About the Program Inovacred, through AFEAM, It offers financing to companies of annual or annualized gross operating revenue of R $ 16 millions, for use in the development of new products, processes and services, or the improvement of existing. Or yet: innovation in marketing or organizational innovation, to increase the competitiveness of companies in the regional or national level.

This support is provided in a decentralized manner, through financial agents, as now AFEAM, They are working in their respective states or regions.

About Finep
Finep grants repayable loans and grants to research institutions and Brazilian companies. The support of Finep covers all stages and dimensions of scientific and technological development cycle: basic research, applied research, innovation and product development, services and processes.

The institution also supports the incubation of technology-based companies, the establishment of technology parks, the structuring and consolidation of research processes, development and innovation in established companies, and the development of markets. Besides that, from 2012 Finep also began offering support for the implementation of a first plant and also mergers, mergers and joint ventures.

Increasingly intense, Finep is also active in the support of technology-based companies. Since 2000, develops the Innovation Project, involving large, structured and transparent set of stimulus actions to new companies, through a range of instruments, including the risk of capital contribution, indirectly via venture capital funds.

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