Actress Amazon makes participation in the novel of the six 'New World’

The Amazon, who was Miss Brazil Globe 2013, will play India Mayara, which will help to tell the story of the shaman Tibiriçá.
29/08/2017 09h31 - Updated 29/08/2017 14h10
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The actress and model Amazon Sheislane Hayalla, from 26 years, He made his debut as a television drama actress on Monday (28). She made a cameo in the novel of the six, "New world", Globo interpreting India Mayara, which will tell the story of the shaman Tibiriçá, lived by actor Roney Vilela.

on the price, Hayalla says that her character will appear in the middle of a vision of the shaman and another Indian, like in a dream. Through this vision, Mayara India appears narrating important facts about past Tibiriçá - which was part. "That India had a relationship with this shaman. She is a tribe where women have only, and he is from another tribe. They could not relate ", she says.

Living in Rio de Janeiro two years ago, Sheislane moved to the state capital to study theater. Among the Hayalla work as an actress, there is the play "Hi, wants to chat?"And the webseries" #Desapegadas ". In the first half of 2018, the actress will launch the film recordings "Revanche", directed by Thiago Greco. "Now I want to focus on TV and in the movies", assures her.

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