Bolsonaro is not out of the presidential election 2018; understand

Even condemned by STJ, parliamentary will not be ineligible.
17/08/2017 17h27 - Updated 25/08/2017 15h19
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Contrary to the rumors say, the condemnation of Jair Bolsonaro STJ to pay R $ 10.000 Mrs Maria do Rosário, It does not make it ineligible for the Clean Record Law because it occurred in a civil action for damages, and not in a criminal case or administrative misconduct. The deputy said it will appeal the decision.

To her, created in 2010 to bar candidates with judicial jams, provides that they can not compete in those elections "who are convicted, in a final decision handed down by judicial or collegial body "in ten types of crime, including corruption and money laundering. In this case, therefore, the civil action for damages won by Maria do Rosário not "pulled" and not "can take" Bolsonaro of the presidential race.

Even if it is condemned by the Supreme Court, a collegiate body, in this criminal case, However, Bolsonaro will not be ineligible.

According to the criminal lawyer Gustavo Badaró, the offense of which the member is accused by the PGR is framed in the Criminal Code as "crime against public peace", category also not expected punishment for the Clean Record Law.

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