Cash deposits R $ 7,2 billion profit the FGTS 88 million Brazilians

With a result of income of R $ 14,5 FGTS billion last year, They were distributed R $ 7,28 billion, that is 50% do total, about 88 million workers.
29/08/2017 16h26 - Updated 29/08/2017 16h39
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The Federal Savings Bank completed the filing of income for the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS). In a statement issued today (29), the bank reported that the credit operation of the values ​​in workers' accounts was completed before the deadline set by law, what is 31 August this year. With a result of income of R $ 14,5 FGTS billion last year, They were distributed R $ 7,28 billion, that is 50% do total, about 88 million workers.

The calculation of the background distribution index was based on 50% the net income of the previous year (R$ 7,28 billion) divided by the total balance 245,7 million accounts (R$ 375 billion). Once the index has 0,0193, which corresponds to the percentage 1,93%. That is, profit deposited in the account equals 1,93% the existing balance 31 December 2016. For example, who had R $ 1 one thousand, received R $ 19,30. According Box, average, each employee received R $ 29,62.

With the distribution of equivalent results 1,93%, the profitability of bills increases FGTS 5,11% per year (3% pa plus Referential Rate) for 7,14% per year.

So that the worker can see the amount credited regarding the distribution of the FGTS results, Box has created a unique service that can be accessed through the website of the bank. In this application, It is required for the number of CPF or PIS and FGTS password for the credit information.

Second Box, the worker can identify the loans by SMS (for those with adherence to service) and linked account statement of FGTS, available for consultation by the FGTS application case and the site.

According to the president of Caixa, Gilberto Eyes, no last day 10, the distribution of the results of FGTS occur annually, with deposits being always made until the day 31 of August.

According to Law 13.446/2017, the FGTS profit distribution percentage is 50% the net income of the previous year. The Law states that the amounts credited to workers' accounts are commensurate with the balance of the escrow account calculated on 31 December last year. The result does not integrate distributed the balance of the tax base of the deposit of termination fine, informed Box.

To her 13.446/2017 It does not foresee the possibility of withdrawal of FGTS results. Workers may draw the values ​​of their linked accounts in accordance with the current rules, established by Law 8.036/90, as in cases of unfair dismissal, retirement, termination of employment for a specified period.

Created on 13 September 1966, FGTS equals 8% compensation, without discounting the worker's salary. Since its creation, They have been drawn by workers over R $ 890 billion. In 2016, workers held 37 million withdrawal operations, a total of R $ 108,8 billion, as the cases provided by law. currently, the Fund has approximately 38 million accounts receiving regular monthly deposits, carried out for about 4 million employers.

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