David Almeida says he will not support either candidate in the second round

Or Acting, It revealed that it's nothing personal but ideological differences.
08/08/2017 17h07 - Updated 9/08/2017 12h00

The acting governor of Amazonas, David Almeida (PSD), He said his position in the second round is neutral and will not support either candidate finalists Amazonino Mendes (PDT) and Eduardo Braga (PMDB). The governor's announcement was made at a press conference on the afternoon of Tuesday (8).

David said he did not feel represented by any of the candidates and that it's nothing personal but ideological differences. "I do not feel the right to march with either of the two candidates because I do not feel represented. Not by the people, but the thesis. My belief is that I tried to give a change of option, of renovation ", said.

Asked about his vote David, He said he would not reveal because it is secret but said it will not vote null.

Almeida also revealed that the collective Amazonino Mendes (PDT), no last Sunday (6), hours before ending the investigation, He filed an appeal with the Electoral Justice to make it ineligible. “How will I support whatever Amazonino become ineligible? Cowards. I owe nothing to entrepreneurs, matches, so that's why I face facing anyone. I will put myself as a neutral figure in the election ", finished.

The regional president of the PP, former deputy and businessman Francisco Garcia, father of Rebecca, that was in the news, He said the party is taking the same neutral position in the second phase of elections.

Natan Gaia – AM POST Writing

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