Double invades beauty salon and hairdresser kills with seven shots in the South Zone

"Do not do that, please", were the last words of hairdresser. For the police it is an execution.
08/08/2017 10h35 - Updated 8/08/2017 17h36
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The hairdresser Erica Dias da Silva, 32, It was performed with seven shots late on Monday (7). The crime took place in the victim's salon, in the street Two Brothers, Colony neighborhood Oliveira Machado, in the south.

The police chief said, around 19h, two men broke into the salon, on the first floor of a house. At least one of the men was armed and criminal expertise team of the Police Department Scientific Technical (DPTC) Civil Police (PC) found gun capsules point 40 around the site. Second or delegate, seven shots hit different parts of the body: two on the left arm, two in the right arm, one in the head, one in the neck and another in the abdomen.

Also according to the delegate, the victim is the wife of a man killed in a pizzeria in the neighborhood. The case will be passed on and investigated by the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs). No one in the place wanted to spend more information.

"Do not do that, please", were the last words of hairdresser. For or delegate, it is an execution. "The information we have received indicates that they apparently entered with a certain mission (to kill her)”, said Marcio.

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