by-election for governor of Amazonas has nine candidates

More of 2,3 Amazonian million voters return to the polls on Sunday (6) to choose new governor.
06/08/2017 11h23 - Updated 6/08/2017 13h31
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More than 2,3 Amazonian million voters return to the polls on Sunday (6) to choose new governor. no day 4 of May, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) confirmed the cancellation of the former governor José Melo mandate (Pros) and vice Henrique Oliveira (SD), by vote buying in elections 2014. Besides that, ministers determined to hold new direct elections in the state. The president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly, David Almeida (PSD), He took over the government temporarily.

Nine candidates competing for the position. To follow, a brief summary of each:
1 – Amazonino Mendes PDT is the candidate. Born in Amazonas and graduated in Law. He began his political life in 1983, when he was elected mayor of Manaus. He was elected to the post twice more, in 1993 is at 2009. Three times, He was also governor of Amazonas. In 1991 is at 1992 was Senator. The deputy Amazonino is the state representative Bosco Saraiva, PSDB.

2 – Or Senator Eduardo Braga It is the PMDB candidate. He was born in Bethlehem, no stop, and an engineer. He was elected councilor in 1983. It has been state and federal deputy, governor of the Amazon in two mandates and deputy mayor of Manaus. It senator from 2011. The vice Braga is Marcelo Ramos, do PR.

3 - Hairdresser Jardel Deltrudes It is the PPL. He was born in the Amazon and was the last candidate to register with the Regional Electoral Court. Was candidate for councilor in 2012, but was not elected. The lawyer Fabiana Silva Campos Wilkens, also the PPL, It is a vice.

4 – PT candidate, State Representative Jose Ricardo was born in Rio Grande do Sul, but lives in Manaus from the 7 years old. It has a degree in Economics and Law. He ran for election for the first time, in 1996, to councilor, getting as fourth alternate. He managed to be elected councilor in 2004 e, for the second time, in 2008. In 2010, He won the election for state representative. His deputy is the state representative Sinésio Campos, Also PT.

5 – The journalist Liliane Araújo PPS is the candidate to the Amazonas government. She was born on Christmas, in Rio Grande do Norte. It has been a candidate for councilor of Manaus, by PR, and State Representative, but was not elected. Last month, His application was dismissed by the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas by problems in party affiliation. She appealed the decision. nevertheless, their number and name will appear on the ballot, but the votes will be counted only with the final decision of the Electoral Superior Court. His deputy is the Wolf cable, Military Police.

6 – State Representative Luiz Castro, from the Web, He was born in Sao Paulo and lives in the Amazon since 1977. He is a lawyer and has been president of the Association of Municipalities Amazonense. Between 2003 e 2004 It was state secretary of Production, agricultural, Fisheries and Integrated Rural Development. Castro is in his fifth term as state representative. The delegate John Victor Tayah, PSOL, is the vice.

7 – Marcelo Serafim PSB is the candidate. He was born in Manaus and has a degree in Pharmacy and Biochemistry. Past president of the Amazon Pharmacists' Union. In 2006, He was elected Congressman and,. in 2012, alderman. Oh vice Mystery Cohen, do PMN.

8 – Rebecca Garcia It is the candidate of the PP. Born in Manaus and is an economist. Congresswoman was in the Amazon 2006 and re-elected in 2010. It has also been superintendent of the Manaus Free Trade Zone (Suframa). In 2014, He was a candidate for deputy governor Eduardo Braga in plate, do PMDB, who lost to former governor impeached José Melo, do Pros. The deputy Rebecca is Councilman Felipe Souza, We the, antigo State. It replaced the state deputy Abdala Fraxe, do PTN, that had the application record dismissed by the Regional Electoral Court based on the Clean Record Law.

9 – Candidado do PHS, councilman Wilker Barreto Amazon is, degree in Economics and a Masters in Sustainability and Environment. He is the Mayor of Manaus for the second time and is in his third term as a councilor. Council member Professor Jacqueline, also the PHS, is the vice.

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