Former corporal of the Army arrested with drugs valued at $ 20 one thousand

Thiago Aparício was arrested in the parking lot of a supermarket located in the New Town neighborhood.
16/08/2017 14h43 - Updated 17/08/2017 10h15
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Former Army cable Thiago Aparicio Lima Oliveira, 24, He was arrested late on Tuesday (15), on the premises of a parking lot of a supermarket in Manaus, located on the avenue Max Teixeira, New Town neighborhood, area north of the city.

According to the delegate Rodrigo de Sá, Integrated holder's 20th District Police (DIP), the research team received denunciations stating that yesterday, day 15, It would be carried out the delivery of drugs in the parking lot of a supermarket located in the New Town neighborhood. Civil Police mounted bell in the location and identify the offender, from passed characteristics, effected the approach. The young man was driving a car model Goal, silver and HOA-6637 cards. Thiago tried to take flight, but eventually intercepted by police.

At the time it was carried magazine inside the car were found two bags containing powder cocaine, two bags of marijuana type skunk and two plastic bags with synthetic drugs. After the approach, Thiago said it had more illegal substances in his residence. Immediately thereafter, the teams went to the property, located at Rua José Tavares, first stage of the set Garden Versalles, Plateau neighborhood, Central-West.

Inside the house the civilian police seized three kilograms of marijuana, 300 grams of cocaine and 54 ecstasy tablets, and eight-cylinder ether spray, a water pipe and a digital scale. The drug found with the offender, Sa second Rodrigo, It is valued at R $ 20 one thousand. During the investigations it was discovered that Thiago had been out of the army and was sent off the corporation two years ago, for various reasons, among them suspected drug sales within the quarter in which was packed.

"It's an interesting arrest. He is an individual who manufactures the drug and receives demands via mobile messaging app. Basically it works as a "dial-drug". Has no accomplice. We believed that it would make the delivery to a target our here and we would hold them together at that location, but, according Thiago, all illicit activities were carried out only for him ", He explained the holder of the 20th DIP.

Thiago was booked in the act of drug trafficking. At the end of the procedures applicable in the police unit, the offender will be taken to Custody Hearing in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, in the San Francisco neighborhood, South of Manaus.

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