protest famous with hashtag against Temer decree extinguishing reserve in the Amazon

The subject was the most commented on social networks. The #TodospelaAmazonia hashtag reached the trending topics of Twitter in Brazil.
28/08/2017 17h10 - Updated 29/08/2017 10h21
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Celebrities mobilized on social networks against the decree, President Michel Temer, which extinguished, the National Copper and Associates Book (Renca), the boundary between Para and Amapá. The subject was the most commented on social networks. The #TodospelaAmazonia hashtag reached the trending topics of Twitter in Brazil.

The decree was published in the Official Gazette on Wednesday (23). The area for exploration is released 46.450 km² - equivalent size to the state of Espirito Santo -. The region has mineral reserves of gold, ferro and copper.

One of the first personalities to speak out was the top model Gisele Bündchen. "Shame! They are auctioning off our Amazon! We can not destroy our protected areas for the benefit of private interests ", He wrote in his Twitter account.

The post had great impact and minutes later the model published a photo with a message: "I call on all the Brazilians to say no to the slowdown in Amazon protection, either by decree, interim measure, bill or whatever. Let us unite and use the hashtag '#todospelaamazonia' and show the government that we do not agree with the Amazon slicing for exploration. This is our forest, our water, our life - our planet!”, he wrote Gisele.

The singer Ivete Sangallo posted on Instagram a picture with the words "Fear extinguished reserve and mineral exploration permits in the Amazon", accompanied by a comment: “How much hard news to accept. Playing with our heritage? How great absurdity. You have to have an end”, wrote.

Gaby Amarantos also criticized the decree Twitter: “#todospelaamazonia. We can not allow Temer negotiate our reserves and forests as if they were bargaining chips!”, said.

Besides these celebrities also expressed on social networks Cauã Reymond, Thiago Lacerda, Regina Casé, among others.

Note from the federal government
After the great impact, the federal government issued a note to explain the extinction of Renca, claiming that "no Amazonian environmental reserve was touched by the measure". "The extinction of the National Copper and Associates Book (Renca) It does not affect federal protected areas existing in the area - all full protection, where mining is not allowed ", It claims the government.

According to the Special Secretariat for Social Communication of the Presidency, any future project that may impact state conservation areas of Amapá and Pará "will have to meet strict federal requirements for specific licensing, providing broad environmental protection, as mentioned in the decree ".

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