Semp Toshiba employee displays certificate fake doctor and is dismissed for good cause

A company, He said the cause was due to the misconduct of action taken by the former employee.
17/08/2017 15h21 - Updated 25/08/2017 16h27
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Unanimously, the First Panel of the Regional Labor Court of the 11th Region, which serves Amazonas and Roraima, confirmed the cause applied to an employee of Semp Toshiba, In Manaus, who presented false medical certificate to justify his absence from service. The collegial decision followed the vote of the rapporteur federal judge Valdenyra Farias Thome, which rejected the author's appeal and maintained in full the unfounded sentence.

At the trial session, the rapporteur examined the evidence in the case and stressed his response identified the stamp of the medical certificate presented to the company. Professional denied having carried out the service to the complainant and issued the certificate with leave for seven days, adding that even holds accreditation of health plan, whose timbre is on falsified document.

Professional attended the request of Semp Toshiba, who claimed in his defense have adopted such a procedure because the code three medical certificates submitted by the complainant to justify a total of 13 days of absence from service is non-existent, according to the International Classification of Diseases (CID).

The author claimed that turned away from service by 13 days for health treatment and was fired for cause because the company did not accept the submitted medical certificates. He argued that it was not the gradation of penalties observed, because there was the application of the maximum penalty to an employee with no history of misconduct in the company.

A company, He said the cause was due to the misconduct of action taken by the former employee, proven by presenting false medical certificate. According to the defense claimed, the author presented, initially, two medical certificates, dated 20 e 28 November 2012, each giving three days of absence, both with the stamp of the same doctor. Later he introduced a third certificate dated 18 December 2012, stamp with another doctor and seven days off.

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