Amazonino governor indicates Transition Commission to raise financial and administrative situation of the State

A Amazonino team will survey the real numbers of the state Executive with the team formed by the acting governor David Almeida.
31/08/2017 16h03 - Updated 1/09/2017 10h13
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The governor-elect Amazonino Mendes (PDT) indicated, this morning (31), the Transition Commission, coordinated by Health Secretary Francisco Deodato former, and resulted in the withdrawal of the real numbers of the state Executive with the team formed by the acting governor David Almeida. It is expected that the two committees start work on the afternoon of the fifth.

According to the state deputy Sidney Leite (Pros), one of the members of the commission Amazonino, the team will make a thorough assessment of the current condition of the financial and administrative status. "The commission will excel to seek real numbers, so that the state does not suffer interruption.

It is important that the interim government collaborate with the information and numbers, whether budget, financial budget execution, Levy, as well as processes and movements, whether bidding or execution of agreements. All this so that the governor-elect and vice Bosco Saraiva can have the exact picture of the fiscal situation, State budget, in order to work in the first week from the finding of this commission ", said Rep.

The Amazonino committee is composed of civil servants Jeordane Oliveira de Andrade, Sander Jose Couto da Silva, Raimundo Nonato Soares Belo, Nicias Goreth Bastos Varjão, Anésio Brito Paiva, Romeo Campos Nogueira Junior, and the lawyer Regiane Lopes Gióia. Already journalist Celio Alves Rodrigues Junior, who coordinated the communication campaign pedetista, He was appointed a transition team communication adviser.

The governor-elect also said that until the day 6 of September, his legal team will complete the accountability of the election campaign in the Superior Electoral Court website (TSE).

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