Acre boy reappears and internet want to know what happened

Acre site says Bruno Borges, O “Acre boy”, He reappeared and is already home.
11/08/2017 15h42 - Updated 11/08/2017 15h42
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Just over four months after causing a national uproar with his mysterious disappearance, student Bruno Borges, from 25 years, reappeared in Rio Branco, no Acre. He returned to his family home, who broke the news to the authorities early on Friday (11). Bruno had been missing since the day 27 March.

The first news of his return was given by site AC24Horas this morning. “The student, from 25 years, reappeared”, said site, “e, for a while, will not talk to anyone but family”.

already G1 He spoke to the young man's father, Athos Borges. “At that point we will not comment too much. He will not have to stay at home, a lot of people coming here. He will stay elsewhere, he returned alone. That's all we can talk”, He told the website.

O Extra He spoke to the mother, Denise Borges, which is in another state. “He already spoke to me by phone, but would not stop crying. He asked me forgiveness, He said he felt that vibration and so returned”, said.

To ratchet Free, the civil police said, through its press office, unaware that the young return information.

The organization stressed that found an advertising contract between some friends of Bruno and, that is why, He left the case.

“As he is of age, free law sanctions, the police understood he did it of their own free will and, that is why, He did not investigate more”, police said.

The Civil Police also said, at first, Bruno will not be liable for anything, since the complaint came from the family and the disappearance was by his own free will.

On the social networks, Internet users have shown surprise and a series of questions about what happened to Bruno, since he was missing for about five months.

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