hairdressing death has several lines of investigation, said slender

Police asked collaboration of the population to identify the killers and solve the case.
31/08/2017 15h35 - Updated 1/09/2017 10h13
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With several lines of investigation the death of the hairdresser and makeup artist, Joao Felipe Martins de Oliveira, occurred yesterday afternoon, in a beauty salon located in Rio Tarauacá, neighborhood Our Lady of Grace, Centro-Sul, It is still a mystery to police who spoke about the case early on Thursday (31) during a press conference in the building of the General Police.

According to the delegate-general exercise, Ivo Martins, lots of information about the victim are coming. "We have several lines of investigation for this case. Because it is a person with many friends in social networks, various information are coming on the victim, which makes the process of delicate calculation. We have images that will contribute to the outcome of the case. For a while, all we are getting is being object of analysis ", said.

According to the delegate Juan Valerio, after the offense, the team DEHS went to the facility to initiate the steps surrounding the case. Valerio stressed that the specialized teams went to the hall and began the fieldwork, as preliminary analyzes related to intelligence, and the location of work to make the arrests of those involved in the murder.

Ivo Martins also called for collaboration of the population to solve the case. “If someone know the offenders or know their location, supplying the information confidentially to the police, working, thus, with investigations. We ensure the confidentiality of the identity of informants ", He assured the delegate-general exercise.

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