Prisoners of Operation Maus Paths will be released after STJ reduce bail

The defense of prisoners only from the Evil Paths process, Mouhamad Moustafa and Priscila Coutinho, managed reduction of at least 90% on the bail amount.
30/08/2017 09h35 - Updated 30/08/2017 16h30
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After reaching the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) a reduction of at least 90% the bail amount to respond in freedom, the only two prisoners of the Evil Ways process, the doctor and businessman Mouhamad Moustafa and lawyer Marcolino Priscila Coutinho, They should leave the jail on Wednesday (30), said attorney Ravik Bello Ribeiro.

The doctor and businessman Mouhamad Moustafa and lawyer Marcolino Priscila Coutinho are accused of participating in a criminal scheme that diverted more than R $ 100 million Health in the Amazon, dismantled in September last year for the operation Maus Paths.

Until then, their bail amount had been set in 500 minimum wages for Mouhamad (R$ 468.500) e 300 minimum wages for Priscila (R$ 281.100), within the habeas corpus already granted to both the Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region, in Brasilia.

However, like all Mouhamad and Priscilla goods are blocked by the courts since the outbreak of operation, the two did not have enough money to pay the amounts, what made their lawyer, Ravik Bello Ribeiro, recourse to the court to try to reduce them. And he succeeded.

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