Bill decreases daily rental value for taxi

The proposal states that the permit holder may not charge the driver assist amount exceeding 70% the value of a UFM, by way of daily or lease.
01/08/2017 14h05 - Updated 1/08/2017 16h17
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The Committee on Constitution, Justice and Writing (CCJR) meet in the early afternoon tomorrow, Wednesday (02), the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) to vote on paragraph Bill 131/2017 authored by Councilman Chico Black (PMN), which is moving from the month of May, about daily as auxiliary taxi drivers to individual transport passenger services in rental vehicles in Manaus. The matter has already received a favorable opinion of the Prosecutor and now awaits analysis of CCJR.

The proposal of Councilor Chico Black (PMN), established in item 3 Article 21 you have n. 2088, from 30 December 2015, the permit holder may not charge the driver assist amount exceeding 70% the value of a Tax Unit of the Municipality (UFM), by way of daily or lease. The UFM is now R $ 104. To order agility in handling the PL, a group of taxi drivers in the auxiliary been CMM.

According to the municipal parliamentary advocates PL so that the working class has favorable conditions of profits from their services. "The self-employed providing auxiliary service to the taxi permit holder does not have legislation that stipulates the amount to be charged to use the taxi when the permit holder is off. This amount for the rent ends up being a decision of the permit holder and the auxiliary does not, oftentimes, as answering ", said the author of matter.

The president of CCJR, Councilman Joelson Silva (PSC), last week, PL withdrew the agenda justifying the proposal needs to be considered carefully and criteria listening to all stakeholders. "Let's look at the matter calmly and present the committee's opinion in due time", said.

The Amazon capital now has approximately 2.700 auxiliary motorists, coming to pay between R $ 125 a R$ 180 daily, plus other expenses like gas and food.

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