Bb gang assaults of Autaz Mirim Avenue and shoots customer

The stolen amount was not recorded. No one has been arrested so far.
02/08/2017 14h02 - Updated 3/08/2017 10h37
Photo: disclosure

About four armed men stormed the store B flat, located in Autaz Miriam Avenue, San Jose neighborhood, East of Manaus. The incident occurred around 11:30 and resulted in the theft of customer and employee belongings, besides money store.

A lady of about 55 years was shot to shot in the shoulder while he was still outside the store. She was rescued and taken to the Hospital and Emergency Room Dr. João Lúcio.

To date no one knows the exact number of offenders, since they entered the shop pretending to be customers. The stolen amount was not recorded.

At this time those responsible for store, as well as victims are moving to 9th District Integrated Police (DIP) to record the occurrence. Any offender involved has been arrested so far.

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