Hairdresser killer João Felipe is found by police hiding in the Lowland Careiro

He was wanted since the day 30 August when the crime occurred.
12/09/2017 16h16 - Updated 12/09/2017 16h16
Photo: Press Release / PC-AM

Diego Sabino de Araújo, known as "Olhão", He was arrested on Monday (11), in Lowland Careiro municipality (distant 25 km from Manaus) during joint operation of the Amazon Civil Police. He was being sought after shooting dead the makeup artist John Felipe Oliveira Martins, from 23 years, no dia 30 August in a beauty salon, located in the set Vieiralves, neighborhood Our Lady of Grace, South-Central Zone of Manaus.

In this Monday (11), Gessica Alves Garlic, from 24 years, which is also involved in John's death, It was presented at the headquarters DEHS, East zone, where he said he does not know Diego and just received an anonymous call with a proposal to make R $ 500 to track the shooter to the hall.

Police said the suspect was known to be one of the dealer's Mauazinho neighborhood and had passage by police.

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