Airline announces tariff reduction for the Amazon

The first benefit is the municipality Parintins. Airline tickets for county, They can now be purchased with values ​​from R $ 149,90 the stretch.
18/09/2017 08h30 - Updated 18/09/2017 17h01
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The MAP Airlines announces the execution of an expansion plan of flights in the Amazon, that will impact in reducing the rate. The first benefit is the municipality Parintins (a 369 kilometers from Manaus).

Airline tickets for county, depending on advance purchase, They can now be purchased with values ​​from R $ 149,90 the stretch. The package offers to Parintins entered into force in late August. We coming months, MAP should increase the supply for the city, passing four weekly trips to daily flights.

The new tariff, the passenger to make the purchase of the ticket to Parintins, up to 28 days in advance of travel, You will be able to acquire it with value from R $ 149,90 the stretch. With 21 days in advance, the value is from R $ 169,90. With 14 days, R$ 199,90. And so on. The higher the advance, lower the cost.

The company's expectation is that the increased supply of flights and reducing tariffs areas extend, gradually, to other cities in which it operates. The MAP is an Amazonian source company, which operates in the state and also in Pará cities. currently, 14 municipalities are served by MAP, in two states.

The CEO of the company, Commander Marcos Pacheco, He explains that the expansion plan being executed was prepared from demand studies, conducted in the region. He points out that the Amazon is a state that has its peculiarities, including the matter of locomotion, the geographical distances between cities.

The MAP has, today, a fleet of three aircraft model ATR 42, capable of carrying 40 passengers, and two ATR aircraft 72, up to 66 people.

second Pacheco, the company's aircraft to meet the Northern Region operating profile and provide complete reliability to the user. "Airplanes are appropriate size for the type of runway of airport cities", Frisian.

"The safety of passengers is paramount. The MAP maintains a group of experts in aircraft maintenance, fully prepared for the implementation of corrective and preventive maintenance. Besides that, all the mechanics are qualified ", Pacheco says.

The MAP Airlines is an Amazon company, with 4 years of experience in the North. almost 300 direct employees, she carries a year over 12 thousand passengers of Amazonas and Pará.

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