David Almeida is studying change in the law which increased fuel tax

the intention of modifying the Law n. 4.454, March 2017, which increased 2% the ICMS rate of diesel oil and fuel.
19/09/2017 09h18 - Updated 19/09/2017 16h46
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Amazonas Governor, David Almeida, reaffirmed on Monday, day 18 of September, the intention of modifying the Law n. 4.454, March 2017, which increased 2% the rate of Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) diesel oil and fuel, and other discretionary items. As is expected for business class and also the population, since you can reduce the price of fuel.

The subject was discussed at a meeting the governor had with representatives of the industrial and commercial segment, this afternoon, in the State Department of Finance headquarters (Sefaz). They attended by the president and vice president of the Federation of Industries of Amazonas (Fieam), Antonio Silva and Nelson Azevedo; Ataliba David and Jose Azevedo, the Amazon Trade Association (HERE); Aderson Fleet, the Amazonas State Trade Federation (Fecomercio); Ralph Assayag, President of the Chamber of Shopkeepers (CDLM) and Ezra Azury Benzion - President Federation of Shopkeepers cameras (FCDL)

The governor said that the intention is ultimately to increase for fuels, but added that the government still needs to make some adjustments within the Sefaz, before forwarding a message to Amazon Legislature (hazard) to change the law and revoke the tax. David intends to go next Wednesday, the Fieam and then close the message that will be sent to Aleam.

"We're talking about this for some time, due to that tax charged on fuel and, undoubtedly, at the time of creation there was a need. The state began to grow in the last three or four months. We are making the necessary adjustments to the recipe and storage of the state and we are looking at the election of the federations - industry, trade and services - and next Wednesday I go to the federation of industries to permanently give a referral to this election ", said the governor, after the meeting.

The president of FCDL, Ezra Azury Benzion, He said he believed that the repeal of tax increase will help curb the increase in fuel, even if you are not taking effect. "Today this increase is not being impacted because many filed, that is, not being paid. But if by chance this fall lawsuits filed will have increased rather. For example, 2% on the price of fuel which is R $ 4,25 are eight cents. Thereby, fuel increases at least eight or ten cents. No one can stand more taxes. The idea is that our stay as it is - removing the 2% - prices will fall naturally, it is the law of supply and demand. It is not normal to have so many taxes ", said.

The same opinion has the chairman of CDLM, Ralph Assayag, According to him the 2% increases directly affect diesel and gasoline generating impact on the entire trade, increasing the cost of everything and increasing inflation.

Assayag praised the government's position to inject resources in the economy, with the advance of another tranche of the 13th salary of state employees and the allowance of government-paid teachers with the remains of Fundeb. According to him, the injection of resources will have a strong impact on Children's Day should be the best after the crisis.

Best Children's Day
"For the first time we had a payment 30% the thirteenth in September. So, we have there around R $ 80 a R$ 90 million that will greatly help trade on Children's Day. The expectation is for growth of around R $ 42 millions. This will be an increase of 1,5 a 2%. A significant increase considering that we've been having only negative ".

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