Deposition Lula is marked by the Live voltage, exchange barbs and ironies

The PT called the process "illegitimate" and "unfair" and said the Moro would answer questions.
14/09/2017 09h07 - Updated 14/09/2017 16h28
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In a very different climate of the first meeting between the two in court, the testimony of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) the judge Sergio Moro was marked by tension, sharply - by more than a moment, there was an increase of tone -, ironies and exchange of barbs, which involved to the Federal Public Ministry and the defense of the PT.

The testimony began already strained. Lula called the process "illegitimate" and "unfair" and said the Moro would answer questions, although he thought he should do different because in the first case - the triplex of Guaruja - he was sentenced to nine years in prison for passive corruption and money laundering. "I should change everything because you accused me", said Lula. "No, I did not accuse ", countered Live, smiling - actually, who was accused MPF; the judge sentenced. "I should make a new statement", grumbled Lula.

In another moment, Lula took a question from the prosecutor Isabel Groba Vieira to launch a barb toward Moro, remembering a note in which the judge rejected the charge of Rodrigo Durán Tacla, former lawyer of Odebrecht, who said that a friend of the magistrate, Carlos Junior Zucolotto, intermediated facilities in denunciation of agreements awarded. Live lamented that they had given credit "the false report of an accused". Lula, when asked about the accusation of a whistleblower, said. "I could use a talking Doctor Moro. It is not right to be using people who are accused (…) to accuse an innocent. "

Asked by the prosecutor if he knew an e-mail exchanged between Paul Okamotto, director of the Institute Lula, and John Louveira, Director of Odebrecht, Lula was harsh. "You can not keep asking me to email John talking to Mary. I am the Lula. Do you have any e-mail to me?”, he said. Live interceded: "It's a normal question, you have knowledge of it or has knowledge of ", he said.

the answers, Lula repeatedly referred to the prosecutor as "dear", when it was rebuked by the representative of the MPF. "I would ask that you former president was referring to the member of the public prosecutor by the treatment protocol because", said. "How would? Doctor?”, asked Lula. Live intervened again. "I ask excuses, I did not realize it so clearly. I know that, evidently, Mr. former president has no negative intent to use the term 'honey'. Please do not use, You can call Dr., lady prosecutor. Perfect?”, said. “Ah, OK, OK", Lula nodded.

Tensions rose again when the prosecutor quoted a Alexandrino Alencar email, former director of Odebrecht, in which he talked about the relationship with Petrobras and the importance of PR director, it would be Paulo Roberto Costa, one of the informers of Lava Jato. The lawyer Cristiano Zanin Martins, Lula defending, intervened to say that there was a petition questioning the email, it would be false. Live complained that the lawyer was intervening too often and disrupting the audience. "The law gives me this right", said. "You can not not", countered Live. "This document is false incident object, that has not been processed [rated for Justice]”, Zanin completed. "Perfect, but it prevents you from being asked the question to his client?”, asked Moro. "This prevents yes", He tried to say Zanin, when it was interrupted by Moro. "No, It does not stop. "

"The doctor has put its point", He continued the judge saying the hearing was to listen to Lula, what Zanin countered: "I have not finished my reasoning". Live he asked if Lula was afraid to answer the question. "I have no fear, no fear. Your Excellency does not respect the defense, It is once again clear that Your Excellency does not respect the defense ", said Zanin. "The doctor is wrong, the incident is being forwarded, the doctor does not need to intervene in the audience all the time because it's upsetting ", countered Live. "I'll intervention whenever necessary and Your Excellency can not stop me", he continued Zanin. Lula intervened. "Let's go back to normal here", said.

In another moment, Attorney questions about Lula Marcelo Odebrecht's testimony in which he says he made donations 4 million reais to Lula Institute from late 2013 e 2014. "Do you know why these contributions were made", question. Lula, riled up, rooms of the: "Odebrecht did not have to ask the opinion of Lula to donation because Lula is not the director of the Institute Lula."

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