Eron Bezerra can take Marcos Rotta vacancy on the Chamber of Deputies

If there is any legal impediment to Gedeão Amorim take over from Sabino who was replacing Rotta, Eron Bezerra (PCdoB), It is the "representative" of time.
18/09/2017 15h23 - Updated 19/09/2017 10h25
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On January 1st of this year, the first supplement of the Coalition Renewal and Hope, Sabino Castelo Branco, he held the position of Marcos Rotta (PMDB-AM), who resigned as federal deputy mandate to assume the vice-mayor of Manaus.

Last month, Sabino suffered a Stroke (AVC) and she had to be away from the office. He has 120 deadline day until the Board convenes the second alternate, Councilman of the City of Manaus (CMM), Gideon Amorim (PMDB). If there is any legal impediment, the third supplement, former deputy Eron Bezerra (PCdoB), It is the "representative" of time.

Councilman and second alternate in the wave of Marcos Rotta, Gideon Amorim, said the temporary incapacity of the first supplement it ensures take up his improvement, However, Sabino is unable to return the House he would have to choose between being a councilor and deputy and or the second option seem right unfavorable. If Amorim want to return to Manaus, Eron Bezerra will assume the post in Brasilia.

“The time it is certainly called assume. I hope the Sabino recovers. He has 120 days, initially, to take advantage of its license. If this period, he renew the license, then I will take. I intend to take leave of the City Council to take on this job. If the Sabino present a certain temporary disability, he remains on leave and I assume and guard my councilor mandate. If he can not take, I would have to choose. In this sense, It is a complicated scenario. A federal deputy first, arrives in Brasilia and would have a single year, this political year. And in a scenario that is not very favorable because I am the president Temer party, which had a tremendous wear. In this case, of having to forego the councilor's term here, I would have to make some considerations ", said Gideon.

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