Former coach of Ayrton Senna is arrested for sexual abuse

He had committed the same crime 2015.
11/09/2017 16h54 - Updated 12/09/2017 12h10
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The trainer Nuno Cobra was arrested on Monday (11) By sexually abusing a woman in August this year, reported the Federal Prosecutor (MPF). He was taken to the headquarters of the Federal Criminal Court of São Paulo and spent this afternoon for custody hearing.

Last week, the Attorney General in Sao Paulo had asked Cobra conviction also for the crime of rape during a flight made a stopover at Congonhas airport, in the south of the capital, in 2015. Because the crime occurred in airspace, research underway in the Federal Court.

The MPF press office reported that Cobra was arrested on Monday because reiterated the same crime reported in 2015.

According to the MPF press office, Cobra attacked, in August this year, a professional conference after an interview, in Sao Paulo.

Harassment by plane
About crime occurred in 2015, a victim and a witness told police, In this ocasion, the attacker sat beside the woman and began to talk and say that working with the body and manipulating energy.
on takeoff, he went on to play the breasts and legs of the woman several times and said that her body shape aroused energy points he felt there was not much time.

At the end of the runway, the victim escaped the aggressor, He got up and ran to the board team. She was kept away from the man during the entire flight. When the aircraft landed in Congonhas for a connection, the victim waited all descend passengers to go to the police station of the Federal Police (PF) report the crime.

The Attorney framed man Article 215 the penal code (sexual intercourse or lascivious act upon fraud or means which prevents or hinders the victim's reaction). The MPF argues that the perpetrator acted in willful and premeditated way to practice sexual acts to satisfy their sexual pleasure.

To the prosecutor responsible for the case, Ana Carolina Nascimento Previtalli, 3rd Federal Court of São Paulo, the crime provided for in Article 215 applies in situations of violation of sexual freedom committed in public transport when the act does not characterize rape absence of violence or serious threat. The penalty for the offense is two to six years in prison.

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