Employees Umanizzare company try to take cell phones to prison and are arrested

According to SEAP, employees are prison agent working directly with detainees in the common area and isolation.
02/09/2017 15h02 - Updated 4/09/2017 11h57
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Three employees Umanizzare, which manages prisons in Manaus, They were arrested on Saturday morning (2), trying to enter 11 cell phones in Prison Unit Puraquequara(UP). The information was confirmed by the press office of the Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP).

The three employees, second SEAP, are prison agent working directly with detainees in the common area and isolation. One of them was caught, in the act, agents for SEAP, por volta the 8h, trying to enter the cell.

At this time, Secretary of SEAP, along with the civil police is in the prison unit to get the suspects arrest procedure. They try to find out the involvement of other employees in the release of cell phones and other products prohibited for inmates.

Then, men will be presented, por volta the 14h, Integrated in the 19th District Police (DIP), St. Augustine neighborhood, Area west of the capital.

Em nota a Umanizzare afirmou que os agentes foram identificados em flagrante pelos supervisores da própria empresa na área administrativa da Unidade e que de imediato foram tomadas as providências cabíveis.

Ainda segundo a Umanizzare a denúncia foi encaminhada à Secretaria de Estado de Administração Penitenciária (SEAP) do Amazonas. A empresa também ressaltou em nota que os funcionários da Umanizzare passam por rigoroso processo de seleção e que são submetidos à revista e à fiscalização diárias pelos agentes públicos competentes.

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