Bus lines will strengthen in the Homeland Week holidays

The intention is to strengthen the lines of buses that serve the surrounding Sambadrome and the Amazon Arena.
01/09/2017 14h25 - Updated 1/09/2017 16h11
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The bus lines that serve the surrounding Sambadrome and Amazon Arena will strengthen the fleet of days 02, 05 e 07 to meet users who will follow the training of the Brazilian team on Saturday (02) and the Homeland Week celebrations, because of school and civic military parade, in the days 5 e 7/09.

no Saturday, operational fleet will be scheduled for the tax and the Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transport (SMTU) monitor the operation of the lines that should receive reinforcement fleet as demand, in order to meet the users who participate in the selection of the training event in the Amazon Arena.

Next Tuesday (05) it's Thursday (07), when will holiday, buses will operate Saturday fleet.

Regarding bans, from 16h on 2, will be no change in the itinerary with bans on av. Constantino Nery towards district / center so away, lines for ave. Djalma Batista.

In the days 5 e 7, with bans snippets of avenues Constantino Nery, Pedro Teixeira, Loris Cordovil and Alameda Samba, to the bus route also be changed and follow the following paths:

The avenue Constantino Nery, It will be restricted the stretch between av. John Valerio and Viaduct Eng. Euclid Ricardo (Of. Judge John Machado); In Pedro Teixeira, It will be the stretch between Avenue. Djalma Batista and Av. D. Pedro; Of. lorises Cordovil, entre Av. Constantino Nery Street and Vivaldo Lima and Alameda Samba, in both directions.

On both days the followed deviations will be the same, but the changes occur at different times.

no day 5, when it will be held the school civic parade from 14h to 20h. IS in the day 7, from 5 am until the end of the event.

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