Lula, Dilma, Gleisi and former ministers are denounced by forming a criminal organization

In addition to the former presidents, They have also reported Palocci, butter, Gleisi, Edinho and Paulo Bernardo for crimes committed against us in 2002 a 2016.
06/09/2017 11h14 - Updated 6/09/2017 16h35
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The Attorney General's Office offered on Tuesday denounced by forming a criminal organization against former presidents Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, Both PT, By crimes against us during the period 2002 e 2016. Also former ministers Antonio Palocci were reported, Guido Mantega, Edinho Silva, Gleisi Hoffmann (today senator Paraná) and Paul Bernardo, in addition to the former treasurer of the PT João Vaccari Neto, who is already arrested by Operation Lava Jet.

According to the Attorney General of the Republic, They denounced the "integrated and structured criminal organization operating during the period in which Lula and Dilma Rousseff successively titularizaram the presidency, for commission of a myriad of offenses, especially against the public administration in general ".

The complaint includes only part of the organization's political core, second Janot, it was also composed of members of PMDB and PP ", but the conduct of these public officials, says, They are the subject of other investigations. The basis of the complaint are the investigations of Operation Lava Jet, what, according to the Attorney General, uncovered "a great criminal scheme involving state officials, entrepreneurs and financiers, facing the practice of crimes such as corruption and money laundering, related, but not limited "to Petrobras.

According to him, involved formed a complex criminal organization, structured basically in four cores: political (formed by parties and their members); economic (firms that paid undue benefits to high-ranking officials and political components of the core; administrative (senior civil servants); and financial (operators who materialized the transfer of fees).

"It was the design of an organized criminal group, broad and complex, with a myriad of actors that are interconnected in a structure of horizontal links, in cooperative model, in which members act in communion efforts and goals, and in a more vertical hierarchical structure, and, with strategic centers, command, control and made more relevant decisions ", afirma Janot.

According to the complaint, some members of the PP, PMDB and PT, among others, They divided among themselves, Petrobras directors and indicated certain people who were essential for the implementation and maintenance of the criminal design. "

Janot says, in relation to the PMDB, the evidence points to an internal division of power between the PMDB in the Senate and the House, having been initiated several investigations before the Supreme Court to investigate each of these groups. For Attorney General, However, the "facts must be analyzed in the context of a single complex criminal organization".

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