Lula is accused on charges of accepting bribes while he was president

The complaint, It is a development of Zealots, operation in which Lula is already defendant since last year.
11/09/2017 16h12 - Updated 11/09/2017 18h46
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Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was denounced for accepting bribes, the Federal Public Ministry of the Federal District, on charges of accepting illegal promise to receive resources 2009, when still occupied the presidency.

The complaint, offered on Friday (8) and disclosed on Monday (11), It is a development of Zealots, operation in which Lula is already defendant since last year, action pending in the Federal District.

According to Attorney, Lula and his then chief of staff, the former minister Gilberto Carvalho, accepted undue advantage of the promise of R $ 6 million to promote the MMC and Caoa makers on the issue of the provisional measure 471, November 2009.

In exchange, the proceeds would illegal fund the election campaign of the Workers Party. The scheme was brokered, according to the Public Ministry, by the companies M&M and the lobbyist Alexandre Paes dos Santos.

Besides Lula and Gilberto Carvalho, accused on charges of accepting bribes, the prosecutor accuses Alexander Paes dos Santos and José Ricardo da Silva (both given company SGR), Mauro Marcondes (M&M), Paulo Ferraz Arantes (MMC) and Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade (Caoa) of bribery.

Prosecutors signing the document, Frederico de Carvalho Paiva and Herbert Reis Mosque, still they ask to be returned R $ 12 million to public coffers and fine for collective damages.

The defense of the former president was contacted by this reporter, but there was not manifested until 15h30.

Triggered at the end of March 2015 originating from an anonymous letter delivered in a brown envelope, Zealots the operation of the Federal Police investigates one of the largest tax evasion schemes ever discovered in the country.

It is suspected that gangs were active with the Carf (Board of Tax Appeals), linked to the Ministry of Finance, reversing or canceling penalties. The operation also focuses on lobbying involving major companies in the country.

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