Peruvian doctor and lover are accused of raping seven-month baby in motel

After tests at IML was found that the child, who is the daughter of the couple, It had been abused for some time.
01/09/2017 14h58 - Updated 2/09/2017 16h21
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A Peruvian doctor 45 years, who police say, It operates in municipalities in the state hospitals, and his mistress, a young woman of the same nationality, from 24 years, They were reported by employees of a motel, located in the neighborhood Crowned, after hearing the same cries of a child of only seven months I was being raped by the couple.

Both were arrested red-handed in the afternoon of Thursday (31) s and forwarded to Police Protection in the Specialized Children and Adolescents (depc).

After examination and anal carnal conjunction in Forensic Institute (IML) it was found that the child was even raped. Second delegate, Juliana Tuma, it was found that the victim had been abused for some time.

"Testifying both denied, However, the mother said she had seen the fellow touching the private parts of children, including on the flagrant, inside the motel ", said Juliana.

According to the child is delegated medical abuse fruit with the lover who ended up falling for him. "She reports that suffered abuse, however, after impregnating the woman said she began to like this doctor. As he is married, this woman was taken to live in the city of Uarini, to take care of a drugstore that it has in place ", He stressed.

The child does not have a birth certificate and immediately was sent to a shelter. The two offenders were charged in the act of rape of vulnerable and this afternoon will go through custody hearing.

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